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A budget friendly plan to build a family disaster supply kit in 24 weeks.

The Bureau/Putnam County Health Department's Emergency Preparedness program encourages all residents to prepare for disasters by having some basic supplies on hand in order to survive for at least three days after an emergency. Below, you will find a plan to build a supply of basic items that every emergency supply kit should include. It is also important to review this list and consider where you live and the unique needs of your family in order to create an emergency supply kit that will meet these needs. For additional information, visit www.bpchd.org or www.ready.gov.

Download Printable Brochure Here!

*Purchase one for each member of the household.

Special Items Your Family May Need:

Infant Items: Formula, diapers, bottles, pacifiers; powdered milk, infant medications.

Adult/Senior Items: Prescription medications, vision care items (extra glasses/contact lenses & supplies) diabetic supplies, denture needs, hearing aid batteries.

Persons with Disabilities/Special Needs: Communication board, specialized care items (oxygen, catheters, etc.), a list of prescription medications (including dosage and physician's name) and the type and model numbers of required medical devices, portable wheelchair.

Wear a medical alert ID and register with the office of emergency services or the local fire department for assistance so needed help can be provided. If you are dependent on a dialysis machine or other life-sustaining equipment or treatment, know the location and availability of more than one facility. Make sure your support network knows your information and can operate any devices you need.

Pet Items: Your pets should always wear a collar and ID/rabies tags. Include food, water, bowls, leash/harness, crate/carrier, medical and vaccination records, sanitation needs (pet litter and litter box, newspapers, plastic bags), and a photo of you and your pet in your preparedness kit.

We Need Our Community's Help Reporting Real or Suspected Public Health Emergencies!

By taking quick action in reporting emergency or potentially dangerous situations, citizens throughout the community can help significantly increase our opportunity to save lives! In the case of a real or suspected public health emergency, please call 911, the Bureau County Sheriff's Office at 815-875-3344, or Kurt Kuchle, the Director of Health Protection, at 309-883-1085!

By Working Together, We Can All Help Keep Our Community Strong and Our Neighbors Safe!